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Areas of Expertise

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The Human
The Company
Personal Coaching 
Business Coaching

Mental wellness refers to a general state of well-being in an individual. In this state, an individual understands how their abilities work. They can manage the stress they encounter every day, achieve productivity at work, and contribute to society, while maintaining a healthy work, life balance! 

Businesses often fail because of low performance, low employee satisfaction, 

the inability to change with the constantly changing world, technological advances, and human nature. If you are a startup in any form, or an established Enterprise and want a thriving business, let's get to work!

Family Adjustments
Type1, 2, & 3

Type 1: Breaking Generations patterns and behaviors
that are outdated can be damaging to the YOU you're becoming daily. While your family may not always attend with you, this can be group sessions or work to heal your inner child by yourself. 

Type 2: Becoming a Parent and Parenting Style

For the first time, or the first time you become a parent of two children. Learning basic care, tips, tricks and healing your inner child to be a better parent is always a GREAT IDEA! 

Type 3 : Parental Loss

Losing a parent is a part of life, yes.. but yet no one teaches you how to navigate through it? Grieving is inevitable, but some losses hit harder than others. Grief is most commonly discussed in relation to the death of a loved one, and parental loss can be the hardest to cope with! So, it is why, especially after experiencing it myself, I have it as a part of my practice!  
Agile Adjustment

Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile can be a challenging adjustment, but the benefits are worth it! Agile can be implemented in a variety of business types! 
Leadership Adjustments

Everything starts at the top!
If there is 
"Brain Damage" at the management/leadership 
level. The Body will suffer. Companies go under daily because of a lack of change by the head!  
Employee Satisfaction Review

Happy Employees =
increased productivity and profit + a lower rate o
f mental or physical, absenteeism from work! 
Anxiety, Stress and Depression

While anxiety can be an amazing motivator, it can also inhibit your daily life if exacerbated by life events. A continuous cycle of anxiety, stress and depression will usually continue and can result into physical health problems. Learning the why or "triggers" to your anxiety and different coping mechanisms can help you navigate and manage them better in your daily life. 
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