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As a Coach, I have designed my coaching style for people who are REALLY READY, to be completely honest with themselves, so they can make real changes in their lives. I DO NOT baby sit feelings!!! While I am interested in "how you feel", your feelings may not be FACTS! I deal in facts to guide you to the reality you wish to have for your life. Your "feelings" while valid to you, can also be untrue in reality. A lot of people's belief systems, are taught to them by generations, who's world, decisions, access, validity and availability no longer exist. These beliefs can often hinder the full protentional of a person, and stop them from the fullest life they can possibly have. 


"I like to call myself a mental reorganizer. A lot of times, our views and beliefs, get in the way of what we want, or what we simply believe we can have for ourselves during our life. Because of that, a lot of people are alive, but not truly living!"

What to expect in a Session with me 

Like a therapist, during your first session I want to hear "your why" you have come to me, how you are feeling and what you'd like to accomplish through our sessions. But as a COACH, I will immediately give you an assessment of where I believe the problems you are facing lie, tools to cope with the next time your issues or feelings pop up, some mental reorganizing and homework!!! My goal is to take action within your first session, to get you back to your "happy" as soon as possible! 

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