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Meet Ms. Smiley

I’m a native of Cleveland, OH, a two-time entrepreneur before the age of 25, a published Author, Actor, and Mother. I possess an Agile Coaching Certification for Businesses, and a Life Coaching Certification for Humans.


While, I initially went to college for psychology, I wasn't totally sure if that’s what I wanted to do at 17 (yes I started college at 17).  I circled back to the mental health field as a Life Coach after my own mental health journey at 35. My mission is to decreased as much trauma for others as I can through education. Healing generational traumas and wanting to stop future generations from duplicating harmful behavioral patterns will always be my top priority. 

Businesses are seeing the benefits of productivity, and profitability in healing the generational toxic work environment as well. So, I rolled my skills over and  I pursued my Agile Coaching Certification. I've always had a talent for knowing if businesses would close by how they operated, their level of speed to implement changes, and execute customer solutions. Additionally, their flexibility and especially how they treated their employees were major factors to if companies collapsed. Agile is the new age of breaking generational abuse in the work environment! It's the shift we all need! 

Be it a Personal or Business adjustment here, I am

~Ms. Smiley~

Your         Life Coach 


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